CAMBRIDGE LEGAL SEARCH - A "No Stone Unturned" Approach to Recruiting

Fee Structure
Flexible Fee Agreements
We have a highly flexible fee structure in place to suit the needs of our clients. Our fees range from 20-25% of the successful candidate's first year's base compensation, based upon our agreed upon search arrangement. Our standard fee is reduced for placements with public interest organizations. Merger fees are calculated on a sliding scale, starting at 6% of the acquired entity's annual gross revenue, declining to 1% in excess of 5 million dollars.

Contingency Search
You only pay for our services if you decide to hire a candidate referred by us. You do not owe us anything, if we fail to find the right candidate for the position.

Retained Search
If your search is not opportunistic and  if you want to assure yourself of a recruiting firm's full attention and exclusivity on candidates, a "retained" relationship may be in your best interests. Typically, companies opt for this service when they are endeavoring to fill a very important position or there is an extremely urgent situation, where the consequences of failing to hire the right individual in a timely manner are devastating. This approach represents the maximum partnership between your company and Cambridge Legal Search. We require you to pay 1/3 of the fee at the inception of the search. The next 3rd is due 30 days after we present you with a short list of 3-4 pre-screened and qualified candidates. The final 3rd is due upon the successful placement of a candidate. We will provide retained search clients with a weekly report. Clients ah opt for our retained search services can rest assured that we have thoroughly combed through the target talent pool.

"Container" or "Partial Retainer"
In addition to the retained and contingency search methods, we also offer our clients a "container" or "partial retainer". With this option, you get the service of a retained search firm but with a fraction of the cost up front. In essence, you pay a portion of the anticipated fee on commencement of the search and then the balance when you hire a candidate referred by us. If you are looking for the best service we have to offer, without the full commitment of our retained services, this option may be the best one for you.

Hourly Rate
For certain special projects such talent surveys, benchmarking, compensation surveys, etc., we can also work on an hourly basis.

Replacement Guarantee

If for any reason a candidate leaves the client firm within 6 months of employment, the client firm shall be offered and presented with a replacement within 120 calender days of such a candidate's exit. Search fees will not be refunded to the client unless expressly stated by written agreement between the parties.
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